I found out about Dr Twink Lim at Bangsar Chiropractic from Dr Lee of Optimum Chiropractic, as she is trained to see infants and children and has a special interest in paediatric and pregnant women. I had stiff shoulders but my baby had a stiff neck (torticollis). She had the stiff neck since birth. I had tried physiotherapy but it didn't work.

I was very pleased with how gentle and patient Dr Twink was with my baby. She was genuinely concerned with her clients and applied the utmost care when attending to my baby. It was been a very good experience and baby Leann even slept through some of her sessions. One of the changes I noticed immediately was my baby could lift her head up right after her first visit to Dr Twink! I love Dr Twink for her combination of chiropractic and naturopathic mehods on her clients. Well done!

Leann Yeoh's Mummy

I found out about chiropractic through the internet. I was seeking chiropractic care due to lower back pain caused by a slipped disc. The pain started after injuring myself while weightlifting three months before I came to Bangsar Chiropractic.

What pleased me most about my first visit with Dr. Wong was the proper explanation about my problem and the treatment plan for a quick recovery as I only had 2 months for treatment in Malaysia before having to fly back to Bangladesh.

My experience with chiropractic so far has been great. My back pain was gone very quickly, especially considering two doctors in Bangladesh told me I had to live with the pain and will not be able to do the things I used to for the rest of my life. It was a marvellous experience!

Sajid Rahim

I heard from friends that chiropractic was a good alternative to typical medical care and medication. They said chiropractic gives good results and uses non-invasive methods.

When I came for my first visit at Bangsar Chiropractic, I had a persistent back pain that has been bothering me for seven years. To my pleasant surprise, I experienced instant relief from the discomfort and could walk without pain. I couldn't believe that I was able to walk to my car after that first visit. Moreover, the method used was gentle and there was no scary cracking of bones.

Recently, I experienced some swelling and pain in my right elbow due to the nature my job (I spend a lot of time at the desk). When it wouldn't subside, I visited Dr. Dansen Wong and he did a good job of bringing down the inflammation and pain within such a short time. Furthermore, he did so without the use of any drugs or extensive rehab.

Since undergoing chiropractic care, I have noticed I can do a lot more exercises, bending and fluid movements.

Dr. Dansen and Dr. Twink are very amicable and approachable chiropractors.

Diane Lim

I found out about chiropractic through online research. My only concern was to find a good chiropractor and I was lucky to have found Dr. Wong.

I started chiropractic care because I had neck pain, digestive issues, dizziness and allergies. I went to the hospital and took supplements, but to no avail. I had the issues for a couple of years and had no previous chiropractic treatment.

After my first visit with Dr. Wong, I was very pleased as my arms and legs became aligned, my dizziness completely stopped and I also felt energised. Also, Dr. Wong was very friendly and he made me feel comfortable.

My experience with chiropractic has been great. So far, I am feeling much better than I had for years. My neck pain is mostly gone and my allergies are much better. I have far more energy, better digestion and am feeling more positive overall.

I am very happy to have found Bangsar Chiropractic. My experience has been fantastic.

Modou Lamin Sey

I have moderately severe scoliosis and while pregnant with my third child, there was an intense backache due to the pregnancy. I was doubtful if chiropractic care would help relieve the pain and if it would affect my pregnancy as my orthopaedic consultant in Ipoh had recommended not to see a chiropractor. However, since I knew Dr Twink from church, I decided to give it a try as the backache was very severe.

It helped to relieve the backache tremendously. And the most surprising thing to me was that it helped ease the delivery of the baby, as my previous two deliveries were really long and tough.

I also noticed my posture improved and I am not so prone to having backaches. Some people are still skeptical about chiropractic, but it works!


Dr Twink has magic hands! Over 6 weeks ago our little boy Kalen could get up onto all fours in a crawling position, but he wasn't able to actually 'crawl'. He would sort of snake or worm his way forward. He has strong legs, but couldn't co-ordinate his arms properly. I took him to see Twink for a check-up last week when I had mine. She fixed something in his shoulder that was a bit out. Within 3 hours of us arriving home, Kalen was crawling confidently and easily!!! I didn't even know he had a problem, but he is now crawling all over the place – You are a miracle worker!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much and to let you know how amazing you are. I thought he just hadn't worked it out yet, but all he needed was an adjustment to his shoulder! Amazing!

Chrissy Steinhardt (mother of 6 month old baby Kalen) 23rd August 2011

Just wanted to let Dr Twink know that I completed the full marathon in 4:41 hours, 28th place and no injuries! Thanks for mending me. You're a miracle worker - I recommend you to all my friends! xxx

Rachel Joseph 23 Nov 2010

I would really like to thank you! I'm so glad that you wanted to see me a couple of months ago! Almost 1 year ago I had a broken nose because of an accident with a iron pole. After that I have a lot of pain in my neck. At first it looks like a wiphlash. My muscles became very tired after doing nothing. I couldn't lift my head from the pillow in the morning. After two month this became better.

After 6 months of everyday pain, now I'm completely pain free. After your third treatment my neck muscles where still weak but after two weeks all the pain was gone. Now I can do everything again (ever the difficult poses with Yoga and Pilates). I don't feel the pain anymore!

Thank you so much for seeing me! And I hope your practice will grow big! You are a great chiropractor! Good luck with everything!

Sabine, The Netherlands

I was in a car accident at the end of 2004. Before the accident, it was quite normal for me to suffer from headaches. But after the accident, the headaches intensified. It would start with neck pain when I got up in the morning and turn into a headache. I saw a medical doctor and was told I just needed to continue pain medication, but I decided that I was not going to be depending on medication.

A friend recommended I see a chiropractor. Dr Lim explained what chiropractors do and how it helps people recover and stay healthy.

After just one adjustment, my headaches and neck pain went away! I feel better than before, I also noticed I am able to gain weight (which is a good thing for me, since before that I was a little underweight).

Sherlyn Lee, Kuala Lumpur

My mummy took me to Dr Twink Lim because I had sinus and eczema problems since birth. But instead of giving me medication, she checked my backbones. I was hospitalized when I was 3 months old due to an allergy to an antibiotic. All the purging weakened my stomach and thus I would vomit and purge at least once a month until I was seven years old. This is when I came under chiropractic care with Dr Lim.

With chiropractic care, I am very happy that I don't have a runny nose so much anymore. The eczema comes on an off and is much less severe. Previously, I’d scratch until it bled, but now, even though it is still there, it doesn’t bother me as much.

What pleased me most during my first visit to the chiropractor was that after an adjustment, my legs became the same length (one was a little bit shorter than the other before that). I could sleep well that night.

Nowadays, I am eating and sleeping better. People are saying that I'm "suddenly growing", whereas last time I was among the shortest in my class. I am also breathing better since my nose is not so clogged up since I started chiropractic care.

The nicest thing is mummy said I listen better and can concentrate longer while doing my schoolwork. She thinks that helps my grades improve.

Shaun Yong (7 years old), Pandan Perdana (written with Mummy's help)

I knew little and had never experienced chiropractic care until I met Dr Twink Lim. I injured my upper left arm many months ago and nothing seemed to help. My arm's mobility and flexibility was very much restricted due to this injury. Attempts to move beyond its restriction would invite pain.

But after a few sessions with Dr Lim, I felt the arm improve with a much greater degree of flexibility than before the chiropractic sessions, which is indeed encouraging. Patience and perseverance has paid off and I can now move my arm and shoulder easily without pain.

On a personal note, I feel I can sleep better and easier now and overall, for some reason, I find I am also more energetic since I started chiropractic care.

My husband, who experiences frequent backache, also said that he finds relief and comfort through these sessions and this has helped him greatly in reducing and avoiding backache.

Well, having known and conversed with Dr Lim for some time now, I’d like to say that she has a passion not just for what she does but also a heart for her patients. She genuinely cares for them and desires them to get well quickly. In this, she explains and addresses each problem with care and gives her very best. She is indeed a doctor and a woman of integrity.

Thanks Dr Lim.

Mrs Marry Ng, Taman Midah, Kuala Lumpur

I was referred to chiropractic care after 4 years of suffering from a neck injury due to an accident. I was being treated daily with medicine and traction, but I was still getting worse. That is when I was referred to see Dr Twink Lim. I was treated in a friendly and courteous manner by the doctor who explained my neck problem to me.

My chiropractic experience has been positive from day one and I am getting better with every treatment. The neck and arm pain reduced 70 to 80% after 3 sessions. I am also able to work better with the proper working recommendations given by Dr Lim. Keep up the tremendous practice and may God bless us for our well-being.

Ahmad Sharifuddin, Malayan Banking Bhd, Kuala Lumpur

Ei Zee Xin was 2½ months old when pediatrician Dr Ng G S referred her to me for chiropractic treatment. Since birth, her parents noticed that her head was always tilted to the left and her left eye was very much smaller than the right one. She would not straighten her neck or tilt it the other way. This condition is known as wry neck (or torticollis).

After the first treatment, her eyes became more balanced and her mother reported the baby slept very well when she went home. In fact, Zee Xin slept through most of the second treatment. Her mother noted how comfortable she looked during the chiropractic treatments, with no crying or fussing. With subsequent visits, and within a period of less than 10 days, Zee Xin was able to hold her head upright and her mum noted that the baby slept much better and for longer hours. Before that, she would stay awake and refuse to sleep. Now, Zee Xin can move her head freely in all directions and is developing very well.

Report by Dr Twink Lim

I found out about chiropractic from my wife. I had been having problem with my shoulder muscles for more than one year. That problem has totally resolved and I have normal pain-free movement in my shoulders again.

Dr. Lim always finds the exact spot where I have some problem with even before I tell her where. I have been her patient for last 3 years, I and my wife go there every month for the maintenance treatment (and check up) now. At the age of 73, I feel that my spine is still in very good condition due to the chiropractic care. I have noticed quite a big change in my health and well-being since starting chiropractic care in this office. My blood sugar has stabilized and no need for medication. We will continue this treatment for the rest of our life as we feel good after every single treatment.

Mr Mahasaru Sado, Mt. Kiara

I was introduced to Bangsar Chiropractic by the Japanese Medical Clinic due to severe back pain. I felt better after the first treatment. It has been 15 years since I first felt the back pain back but after the 4th session, I had a lot of improvement. Before that I had tried acupuncture. The pain in my waist that I suffer from when I get up from sleep is disappearing.

Mr. Takashi Nakata, Perodua Engineer

I started to go there when I had a bad flu a for a long time. I was suffering from back ache for a long time too but it’s got much better after a few treatments without any medication. Dr Lim gave me not only treatment but advice on how to maintain my body (exercise, drink water, nutrition etc.) which helped a lot. Even now I’m feeling much better, I go there every now and then to keep good condition. My son is also a patient. He has been suffering from asthma attacks, coughs and colds which he had to be hospitalized every month or so. Dr Lim suggested to bring him in for chiropractic care. After a few treatments, his condition is much better. He still has asthma but doesn’t get as many attacks as before and not been hospitalized for many, many months now. I am very happy about that.

Mrs Sachiko Takahara and Akira (son, 5 years old)

I found out about Bangsar Chiropractic through a friend who was undergoing treatment at the same place. I was in my early stages of pregnancy and experienced backache at my middle back which made it difficult for me to rest. I was afraid of overzealous chiropractic manipulation to my joints. Therefore, my friend who had a positive experience here with chiropractic was a good reference. I find that the staff in the office very friendly and approachable. I really appreciate the amount of information Dr. Lim shares and the advice given to make the treatment successful. I have less pain in my shoulder and neck now. My initial backache is gone.

Sim Mand Lin